Samsung HVAC - Slim Duct

Slim Duct

Available Capacities (Btu/h)
Standard - 7,500/9,500/12,000/18,000/24,000/30,000/36,000/48,000

The Samsung Slim Duct installs in a concealed location behind the ceiling, under the floor, or behind a wall providing powerful airflow. It's also easy to install and maintain in any interior regardless of the surrounding environment with its compact size and weight' it is the lightest in the industry.

Other Important Information

Note: smoke or flame in the event of a fire.”
  • 10 years compressor & parts, 1 year limited labor warranty

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World's lightest weight

The efficient Slim Duct is the lightest duct air conditioning unit on the market. At a weight that's 15 percent lighter than conventional units, The Slim Duct offers the best in convenient installation and maintenance.

Flexible setup

The air inlet can be set up either on the bottom or rear of the unit, giving users greater flexibility in installation.

Simple drain pump installation

The new drain pump for the Slim Duct unit can be installed from the side by simply removing the right side panel. Users no longer need to disassemble the top cover to install, check or repair the drain pump for maximum convenience.

Easy access, easy maintenance

The Slim Duct features a flexible design that enables users to easily access its parts to maintain the unit.