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Samsung HVAC System Design Software

Customize your air conditioning system with innovative design tools. Samsung's new DVM-Pro is an advanced design automation tool that can be used in AutoCAD-based CAD mode or Windows-based Sales mode.

Other Important Information

This new program helps users select the most appropriate system air conditioner equipment so users can easily and precisely design their air conditioning system. DVM Pro will help ensure that system design is within Samsung's engineering guidelines. Exporting of reports, pipe and wire diagrams, additional refrigerant values, and other information make DVM Pro a powerful tool for engineers, designers, and installation companies.


Sales mode

The Sales mode enables users to customize their air conditioning system by selecting from the following categories: Connection, Piping, Wiring, Control system & Report

CAD mode

The CAD mode provides quick, easy, precise design, enabling users to customize their air conditioning system using AutoCAD add-on software. (AutoCAD is not included in New DVM-PRO.) This mode features: Automatic calculation, Automatic selectio, System check, Control system selection, Automation report. A full version of AutoCAD 2010 or newer must be installed on your computer to use DVM Pro CAD Mode.