Samsung HVAC - S-NET 3


S-NET 3 manages a group of buildings through data management servers (DMS 2) that individually manage each building. This Internet-based management system supports flexible, complete control of a wide variety of applications, providing users:

Other Important Information

  • Fully integrated PC management software
  • Up to 16 DMS 2 connections through the ethernet/internet
  • Centralized management of up to 4,096 indoor units
  • Schedule and zone control
  • Error and operation history management
  • Power distribution management and analysis


S-NET 3 System Configuration

This integrated software connects to the Internet to control the system air conditioners through data management servers (DMS2) from a single computer.

Control and monitoring

Users can control and monitor up to 4,096 indoor units, including ERV, ERV PLUS and AHU. Wireless and wired remote control restrictions provide greater oversight of operations. A temperature limit setting, operation mode lock and multiple/full indoor unit selection extend the range of control. Plus, an icon-based indoor unit display mode enables easy, more intuitive usability.

Power distribution management

Users can ensure optimal power usage with a data query for power distribution and operation times. Administrators can then generate and print power distribution reports for a complete survey of operations. For more specific output, S-NET 3 includes time section settings for different electricity rates and a group setting for the power distribution summary.

Schedule control

S-NET 3 provides easy-to-read graphical schedule settings, enabling administrators to schedule operation weekly or daily or exclude dates with exception date setting.

History management

S-NET 3 offers error and event history management, as well as report generation and printing, so users can readily identify and resolve issues. The indoor unit also supports operation history management.

Zone management

With S-NET 3, users can customize the management structure regardless of the installation structure. They can also create and edit control zones and manage the tree structure for the control zones.

Cycle monitoring

S-NET 3 enables users to monitor outdoor and indoor unit cycle data (monitoring function is only supported only on specific outdoor unit models).