Samsung HVAC - Quantum 17 SEER

Quantum 17 SEER

Available Capacities (Btu/h)
Standard - 9,000/12,000/18,000/24,000

Samsung's Quantum 17 SEER is a quality, economical, wall mounted mini-split heat pump air conditioner. It's digital inverter technology automatically adjusts power to cope with temperature variance, ensuring optimal comfort. With an advanced digital inverter compressor, the Quantum 17 SEER works smart and saves energy. It also boasts additional features, such as a Single User Mode, which reduces compressor capacity usage to limit power consumption while maintaining a cool and comfortable environment.

Other Important Information

  • 7 years compressor, 5 years parts & 90 day limited labor warranty

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9K Btu model is Energy-Star rated (AR09KSFPDWQNCV/AR09KSFPDWQXCV)

Select models are ENERGY STAR® labeled.
Proper sizing and installation of equipment is critical to achieve optimal performance. Split system air conditioners and heat pumps (excluding ductless systems) must be matched with appropriate coil components to meet ENERGY STAR® criteria. Ask your contractor for details or visit


Fast Cooling

World’s 1st 8 Pole Compressor Advanced Digital Inverter Technology is at the core of the much faster and more powerful cooling of the Samsung Air Conditioner. It helps Speed Boost Technology to reach the maximum power (RPS) level 2 times faster. Reduce energy consumption with the world's first 8 Pole advanced Compressor Technology.

Power Boost

Power Boost Technology is Samsung's Advanced Digital Inverter Technology that dramatically shortens the time that a compressor hits the maximum RPS when starting operation.* So you can enjoy coolness even faster!

Reduce Power Consumption

The Samsung Air Conditioner's Single User Mode uses less compressor capacity to reduce power consumption while still providing a cool and comfortable environment. So go ahead and use it when you're home alone without worrying about the electricity bill.

Ideal For Deep Sleep

The quality of sleep you get directly impacts your physical and mental health. Out of concern for your health, Samsung performed extensive experiments to determine the ideal temperatures to quickly fall asleep. These temperatures are identified in 3 stages. In Falling Asleep Stage this stage supports the environment to quickly cool down. Together with comfortable intermittent air, you will be able to fall asleep quickly. In Sound Sleep Stage this stage helps users to take deep sleep and keep the healthy skin by controlling wavy temperature control and insensible air stream. And last wake Up Stage. In this stage supports comfortable intermittent air to the room to raise human body temperature for refreshing wake up.

Works Smart and Saves Energy

With Digital Inverter Technology the Quantum automatically adjusts speed to cope with any temperature variances assuring you have optimal comfort.