Samsung HVAC - Premium Wired Controller

Premium Wired Controller

The MWR-WE13UN wired, unified controller supports models AC, ERV, ERV Plus and AHU. It features broad control functions, including on/off operation, mode fan speed, airflow, temperature setting and Sleep & Silent mode. Users can enhance system oversight with features such as child lock, automatic stop mode, different permission levels and wireless remote control restriction. On a clear, bright LCDbacklit screen, users can also monitor issues with the error display and apply summertime operation, supported by a built-in room temperature sensor. The MWR-WE13UN controller provides additional features for Wind-Free™ CAC and DVM S models.

Other Important Information

Operators can easily and comfortably manage system air conditioners with additional control capabilities such as:
  • Individual and group control (maximum of 16 indoor units)
  • Filter replacement alarm reset
  • Weekly schedule setting (A/C, CRV, A/C ERV)
  • Exception date setting
  • Individual blade control (supported to specific indoor unit models)
  • Controls all DVM S and CAC Wind-Free­­™ models.