Samsung HVAC - Mini 4 Way Cassette

Mini 4 Way Cassette

Available Capacities (Btu/h)
Standard - 5,000/7,500/9,500/12,000/18,000/20,000

Samsung's advanced Mini 4 Way Cassette builds on the aesthetic appeal and performance of the standard 4 Way Cassette with an enhanced design. The Mini 4 Way Cassette's stylish fascia panel compliments any interior.

Other Important Information

  • 10 years compressor & parts, 1 year limited labor warranty

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Refine the interior with an elegant, ultra compact design

The enhanced Samsung 4 Mini Way Cassette indoor air conditioner features a simple panel that blends seamlessly into any interior design. Its clever blade construction keeps the unit clean for a tidy appearance and can be installed on a single standard ceiling tile (24 x 24) which helps minimize installation time and effort.

Smart on/off function

Energy-saving MDS detects when individuals are absent from the area and automatically stops the air conditioning operation. It also automatically sets operation patterns to create the perfect atmosphere and maximize energy efficiency.

Ideal airflow distribution

The innovative MDS (Motion Detect Sensor) option prevents the indoor unit from distributing air directly onto individuals for increased comfort. It also reduces the difference of thermal sensation in the body by detecting the temperature around the floor.

Light, robust design

The Samsung Mini 4 Way Cassette indoor unit is now lighter in weight at 24 lbs. It is the lightest indoor unit in the industry at about 35 percent lighter than our conventional products.

Comfortable airflow control with MDS

The purpose of air conditioners is to provide a pleasant indoor environment for users. To better serve this purpose, Samsung's Mini 4 Way Cassette provides a Comfort Airflow Control function that prevents cold drafts. When the room temperature reaches 73 °F during cooling mode, the indoor unit reduces the amount of discharging air. By doing so, people in the room avoid the discomfort of direct contact with cold airflow.

Drip-free operation

The check valve on the drain pump prevents drained water from flowing backward into the drain pan. This minimizes the drain pan's water level, eliminating the worry and hassle of water stagnation or overflowing drain water dripping into the interior.

Easy leveling and installation

The 4-way outlet can cool every corner of the room. The new and practical design of the blades minimizes blind spots at the corners of the panel, and can cover nearly a full 360 ° around the indoor unit.

Fresh, immaculate appearance

The indoor unit of the Mini 4 Way Cassette integrates an innovative blade design that keeps the unit clean. The completely hermetic blade structure prevents dust and other foreign substances from entering it for a fresh, tidy look. Plus, the internal parts of the indoor unit are out of sight when the blade is shut, further improving the unit's appearance.