Samsung HVAC - DVM S Water Commercial (3Ø)

DVM S Water Commercial (3Ø)

DVM S WATER is a high-capacity outdoor cooling and heating system, ideal for large buildings. Unique to other DVM S models, the DVM S WATER air conditioning system uses water as its heat source, which can conect to a cooling tower and boiler. Using a highly efficient compressor and heat exchanger, DVM S WATER provides effective and reliable performance despite changes in the surrounding environment. Its long piping and lightweight design also make it easy and economical to install almost anywhere.

Other Important Information

  • 10 years compressor and parts warranty
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Enhance the atmosphere and control costs with high energy efficiency

Samsung DVM S WATER features several smart technologies that combined deliver world-class energy efficiency for today's eco- and budget-conscious businesses. With these technologies, DVM S WATER boasts 8 percent higher EER than conventional models. Plus, its coefficient of performance (COP) also surpasses the competition with an average 11 percent higher rate.

Energy-efficient rapid heating and cooling

The third-generation innovative system, DDI, adopts a dual inverter compressor system. Both inverter compressors operate simultaneously, providing compressor longevity and balanced oil distribution for quick cooling and heating to save energy and the environment. Plus, the upgraded vapor injection system increases refrigerant flow by 20 percent compared to conventional products.

Independent cooling and heating

With the DVM S Water air conditioning system's optional Mode Control Unit (MCU), users can independently operate each indoor unit. This means users can set different temperatures for various spaces at the same time, heating some rooms or areas of the building, while cooling others.

Decreased maintenance and energy costs

DVM S WATER features advanced PHE technology, which improves cooling and heating efficiency, further benefiting the environment while reducing maintenance and energy costs.

Renewable energy source

Eco-friendly DVM S WATER uses geothermal energy as a renewable heat source instead of a cooling tower and boiler, effectively supporting businesses, environmental and cost reduction initiatives.

Economical design and setup

At 16 tons, the large-unit capacity of DVM S WATER facilitates economical installation with a smaller footprint and lighter weight—an ideal solution for larger buildings.

Broad installation options

DVM S WATER provides extended piping length of up to 558 ft and installation height of up to 164 ft, offering businesses more installation options. The piping distance is far between outdoor and indoor units, so individual indoor units perform capacity connection control and automatic refrigerant equalization for more balanced performance between units.

Louver-less installation

The DVM S WATER air conditioning system's louver-less installation ensures that the outside of the building remains neat and tidy. Because the system cools with water, it eliminates the need to install unsightly louvers to allow air to circulate and to remove excess heat. Its streamlined operation supports easy installation inside a building without impacting the integrity of its architectural design.

24-hour performance monitoring

A smart Auto Commissioning Management (ACM) function continually monitors operational performance and proactively signals any abnormal operation, so users can quickly address potential problems. And if a malfunction occurs, the last 30 minutes of operational data are stored for automatic backup. This lowers the maintenance cost of periodic inspections and ensures that the system is always operating DVM S WATER also features an application with built-in signal contacts to support BACnet, and LonWorks, two popular building management systems (BMS).

Cost-effective water flow control

DVM S WATER's built-in water flow controller helps regulate the amount of water used to cool and heat the outdoor unit. It determines the optimum flow of water based on the internal temperature of the space, economizing both the circulation pump's energy usage and costs. And because it's a standard option, businesses can eliminate the expense of purchasing a separate water flow control kit.

Indoor Units

  • 1 Way Cassette

    7.5k/9.5k/12k BTU

    DVMS/DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • Samsung's Slim 1 Way Cassette is an optimized air solution that suits both practical and aesthetic needs with its simple design and efficient cooling operation.
  • Big Ceiling

    36k/48k BTU

    DVMS/DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • Samsung has been rewriting product descriptions beyond the industry standards. As one of Samsung's newest products, the Samsung Big Ceiling is focused on sending sufficient amounts of conditioned air to distant places to cover large areas with its long air throw.
  • Ceiling Type

    18k/24k BTU

    DVMS/DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • Samsung's Ceiling Type indoor unit has 2-way installation options for the ceiling and floor, enabling more efficient use of available space.
  • 4 Way Cassette

    9.5k/12k/18k/24k/30k/36k/48k BTU

    DVMS/DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • With its newly improved design, 4 Way Cassette supports a clean, aesthetically appealing atmosphere and adds a sense of sophistication to work and living spaces.
  • Mini 4 Way Cassette

    5k/7.5k/9.5k/12k/18k/20k BTU

    DVMS/DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • Samsung's advanced Mini 4 Way Cassette builds on the aesthetic appeal and performance of the standard 4 Way Cassette with an enhanced design. The Mini 4 Way Cassette's stylish fascia panel compliments any interior.
  • Slim Duct

    7.5k/9.5k/12k/18k/24k/30k/36k/48k BTU

    DVMS/DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • The Samsung Slim Duct installs in a concealed location behind the ceiling, under the floor, or behind a wall providing powerful airflow. It's also easy to install and maintain in any interior regardless of the surrounding environment with its compact size and weight' it is the lightest in the industry.
  • MSP Duct (2015)

    7.5k/9.5k/12k/15k/18k BTU

    DVMS/DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • Concealed behind the ceiling, Samsung's MSP Duct provides powerful yet quiet operation with external static pressure control. Its exceptional static pressure enables a broad coverage area and provides stable, efficient performance in larger spaces.
  • HSP Duct 24k – 54K

    24k/30k/36k/48k/54k BTU

    DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • With the capacity to handle high external static pressure up to 0.8 in. ESP, the powerful Samsung HSP Duct provides an expansive coverage area with outstanding performance. HSP Duct is an ideal fit for spaces with high ceilings and can be flexibly installed to suit various environments.
  • Wall Mount

    7.5k/9.5k/12k/18k/20k/24k BTU

    DVMS/DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • Samsung Wall Mount Type air conditioners have been designed from the ground up to be exceptionally efficient. With their stylish, innovative designs, these wall-mounted air conditioners optimize comfort with cool, clean, healthy freshness for everyday living.
  • Multi-Position AHU 12k-60k

    12k/18k/24k/30k/36k/48k/54k/60k BTU

    DVMS ECO Indoor Unit

  • Flexible installation by simply adjusting discharging direction with Top and Side (Left) Discharge - Basic discharging direction (placing the product vertically or horizontally). And Side (Right) Discharge - By simply changing location of condensate drain pan to the right, installers can place the product with right side discharge.