Samsung HVAC - DMS 2.5

DMS 2.5

The improved Samsung DMS (Data Management Server) 2.5 is now smarter. It can manage a variety of different air conditioning units, and the newly upgraded functions can automatically manage the air conditioning system for users.

Other Important Information

  • Built-in web server for PC-independent management and remote access control
  • Weekly / Daily schedule control
  • Data storage in non-volatile memory and SD memory
  • Current time management even during power failure (for 24 hours)
  • Emergency stop function with simple contract interface
  • Unoccupied room control configuration
  • 10 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs.


Monitoring of air conditioner operation

DMS 2.5 eliminates the need to open each outdoor unit to monitor operation. Detailed refrigerant flow check in the control room and reduced service lead time help keep the units up and running.

Easy control and monitoring

Users can control and monitor up to 256 indoor units, via the Internet. Control functions include on/off, operation mode, fan speed, set temperature, temperature and mode restrictions, controller enable/disable, unoccupied room control, and discharge air temperature control (only applies to certain DVM S duct units).

Operation history management

DMS 2.5 features operation history for indoor units, which records data for up to 6 months.

Flexible connectivity

DMS 2.5 offers indoor unit control via centralized controllers or direct connection. Users simply select the connection point for the appropriate site.

Enhanced graphical display

DMS 2.5 simplifies the task of monitoring system operations with its vibrant, intuitive graphical display. Icon-based, color-coded unit control makes it easy to recognize indoor unit status, while a handy, stylish controller makes management even more convenient.

Powerful data backup

Critical data is safely stored on the DMS 2.5 SD memory card, including Indoor or outdoor unit name, Power distribution data, Operation history, DMS power on and off history and System configuration, and other system data.

Rapid, easy service response

DMS 2.5 provides easy remote control and monitoring through the Internet. Users can receive an email notification to a private Internet account in the event of a malfunction.

User editable control logic

Users can edit control logic with arithmetic and conditional operators and parameters. Energy can be efficiently used and reduced for various operation conditions.

Extended contact interface

General users, managers and administrators can be registered separately by ID and password. Administrators (utility managers) have the authority to set access levels for DMS 2.5 functions by user.

Power distribution system

DMS 2.5 enables power distribution to a maximum of 256 indoor units, and provides a data query for watt-hour, usage time and usage ratio. One year of power distribution data is saved in storage; these files are saved in Microsoft® Excel format. DMS 2.5 also provides current actual power consumption monitoring, as well as current-type electricity meter support (CT ratio input).

Smart central management

DMS 2.5, the Control and Monitoring Zone edition, offers smart, centralized, zoned management. Wireless and wired remote control restrictions provide greater oversight of operations. A temperature limit setting and operation mode restriction extend the range of control.