Samsung HVAC - CAC 360 Cassette

CAC 360 Cassette

Available Capacities (Btu/h)
Standard - 18,000/24,000/30,000/36,000/42,000/48,000

The 360 Cassette is available in a wide range of heating and cooling capacities to fit commercial and light commercial applications. Offered in both black and white for open-type (circle) and ceiling-type (square) fascia panel options. (Panel sold separately).

Other Important Information

  • 10 years compressor & parts, 1 year limited labor warranty
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  • Requires MIM-H03UN Wi-Fi Adapter (sold separately).

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The World's First True Circular Cassette

This innovative circular design blends harmoniously into any type of interior design.

360 Air Flow

360 degree directional wind coming out from circular heat exchanger can deliver air evenly throughout every corner in any space. Supplying 360 degree, even airflow, reduces hot and cold spots in the space providing ultimate comfort.


Air volume interference is decreased from 25% to zero by removing air blades or louvers. Air direction and even flow is accomplished with small internal booster fans. Air direction is controlled by creating an area of low pressure with the booster fans near the air outlet causing the supply air to change angle. This is the first indoor unit that uses the Coanda effect to control discharge air without the use of blades or louvers.

Circular LED Display Window

Circular LED display windows graphically visualize the operation mode of horizontal or vertical.

Digital Inverter

Works Smart. Saves Energy. The CAC 360 Cassette unit feature a highly-energy efficient Digital Inverter system. The system can maintain the desired set temperature without frequently shutting off and on, which provides substantial reduction of energy consumption. The Digital Inverter system helps you stay comfortable for long periods of time while using minimal energy. Low outdoor noise levels are also a benefit of the Digital Inverter system.

Control Via Wifi

Control from anywhere. As long as your smartphone is connected to the internet, you can control your 360 Cassette system from anywhere. On a hot day, you can turn on your system with your smartphone and come home to a cool house. On a chilly day, turn on the heat ahead of time so you dont have to walk into a cold living room. Having total control of your Samsung A/C was never easier.

Additional accessory (MIM-H03UN) must be purchased for the WiFi feature.