Samsung HVAC Fresh Access™

The ultimate fresh air solution.

Introducing Fresh Access™.
Expertly designed, our innovative energy recovery ventilator (ERV) unit, split dedicated outside air system (DOAS), and packaged DOAS unit take fresh air to a whole, new level. Thanks to Samsung HVAC, there’s now an advanced solution for all of your commercial projects.

Fresh Access™

Fresh Access™
Packaged Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)

The Fresh Access™ packaged DOAS unit can provide up to 100% outside air to meet ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and ASHRAE Standard 90.1 requirements for fresh air and energy efficiency. Up to 20,000 CFM, systems range from 3 to 70 tons, have multiple heat source options, and integrate with Samsung central controls for simplified operation.

Bundle your Samsung HVAC systems with our Fresh Access™ DOAS units to provide a total HVAC solution for your customers. Samsung HVAC provides start-up and commissioning supervision for your Samsung HVAC systems and Fresh Access™ DOAS systems so support after the installation is simple and painless.

The Fresh Access™ Packaged Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) is custom built to order.

General Information


  • 2 in. thick double wall construction
  • Two-coat, primer-paint finish on exterior
  • of galvanized steel cabinet panels
  • Sloped, stainless steel drain pan
  • Aluminum fin, copper tube evaporator coils


  • Direct-drive supply, exhaust and condenser fans
  • Improve indoor air quality with standard pre-filters
  • Phase/voltage monitor to help detect abnormalities in
  • electric supply
  • Variable head pressure control to help ensure proper
  • unit operation at low ambient conditions


  • Access to evaporator, hot gas reheat and sub-cooling coils through hinged access door; liquid, suction and discharge line service ports provide access when charging refrigerant or monitoring system
  • Touch-safe control panel for service technicians
  • Optional 115V GFCI electric receptacle

Fresh Access™


Evaporator, Reheat, and Sub-Cooling Coils
Full phase liquid refrigerant sub-cooling provides greater dehumidification capacity in a more compact footprint. This enhanced sub-cooling results in reducing the evaporator temperature while boosting latent capacity of the system with no increase in compressor power consumption.

The advantages of refrigerant sub-cooling/ air reheating are the following:

  • Only a single coil is required in the air stream leaving the main (cooling) DX coil
  • Pressure drop is greatly reduced across the coils and reduced motor horsepower for the blowers

Direct-Drive Supply Fan

Exhaust and condenser fans with high efficiency, ODP: Open Drip Proof or TEFC: Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled fan motors (optional ECM: Electrically Commutated Motor) and variable frequency drives (VFD) to improve energy efficiency.

Energy Recovery Module

Pre-conditions fresh air with leaving exhaust air to help curtail energy usage.

Condenser Coils

Fabricated of aluminum fins and mechanically expanded, seamless copper refrigeration tubing to help ensure long-term heat transfer from tube to fin.

Fresh Access™

Control and Monitoring

For small to mid-sized projects without a full Building Management System (BMS), Fresh Access™ Packaged DOAS units support control and monitoring via Samsung DMS 2.5. This will allow the user to program schedules, perform basic control, receive error alerts, and other functions easily with the same controller that the Samsung systems are controlled by. If your project has a BMS, you can control and monitor Fresh Access™ Packaged DOAS units directly with Modbus, BACnet, or Lonworks.

Fresh Access™

Optional Features

  • Multiple cabinet sizes help to optimize performance
  • Vertical and/or horizontal air discharge
  • Digital scroll compressor or hot gas bypass to reduce overcooling or icing of evaporator coil during light load conditions
  • Gas heat furnaces with high output and turndown to meet outside air heating requirements
  • Optional 10:1 and 5:1 modulation for gas heat furnaces (standard gas furnace is 2 stage)
  • On/off or modulating hot gas reheat to dehumidify air to a neutral discharge temperature for accurate humidity control
  • Spring isolators under the fans
  • Chilled water/ hot water/ steam coil options
  • Gas/electric heat option
  • Horizontal fan discharge (<30-tons)

Fresh Access™
Split Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)

The Fresh Access™ DOAS split system series is designed with DVM S Heat Recovery air cooled and water cooled outdoor units that provide 100% outside air with sizes of 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 CFM. The split indoor section is equipped with a main (cooling) DX coil and reheat coil to dehumidify 100% outside air and provide fresh neutral air to the space

Fresh Access™

General Information:

  • Requires 1 Heat Recovery MCU (Mode Control Unit) per split system to connect to DVM S Heat Recovery outdoor units (DVM S or DVM S Water).
  • Uses a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control fan speed. The unit is programmed and wired for Low (L), Medium (M), and High (H) fan speeds as standard, but can be programmed/configured for fixed fan speed.
  • Dual-coil units cool the incoming air to dehumidfy then warms it back up to neutral temperatures. The split DOAS unit has an enthalpy sensor in the return air stream, before the cooling coil. An enthalpy sensor is included to manage the system logic based on incoming outside air.
  • Discharge temperature setting range: 64.4˚F - 109˚F (18˚C - 43˚C). This is a simple setting range. Pipe lengths, incoming air temperature, and actual discharge air temperature range will vary by model. Discharge air control via BACnet, wired controller, or Samsung DMS 2.5.
  • MWR-WE13N wired controller is installed in the control box as standard. The controller can be installed remotely.
  • Systems should be selected and designed using the DVM Pro design software.
Fresh Access™
Fresh Access™

The Fresh Access™ Split DOAS can deliver fresh air by :

  1. Venting directly into each room/space with supply registers
  2. Connecting the DOAS duct directly to cassette units or into the return air of ducted units
  3. Ducting to other VRF equipment for further heating or cooling of the fresh air

Supply registers in each room/space

Fresh Access™

Connected to the return air of ducted indoor units

Fresh Access™

Fresh Access™
Energy Recovery Ventilator Unit (ERV)

The Fresh Access™ Energy Recovery Ventilator unit (ERV) utilizes an energy recovery core media to improve indoor air quality by providing fresh air for commercial buildings, such as schools and office buildings, in both warm and humid climates and very cold climates. In warm and humid climates, the ERV will pre-cool and reduce moisture in the ventilation air, while in colder climates it will pre-heat and recover moisture for maximum occupant comfort.

By recovering the energy lost from ventilation, the Fresh Access™ ERV reduces energy costs for heating and cooling by lowering the demand on the air conditioning system. Complete with compact design and quiet operation, this highly specifiable package offers greater access to basis of design opportunities.

Fresh Access™

Standard Features

  • Energy recovery core
  • 22 gauge powder coated enclosure
  • Single wall insulated
  • Fans with backward curved blades
  • Dual service doors and reversible electrical box
  • Push-pull configuration
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty*
  • External electrical box
  • Removable screw terminal for easy connection
  • Full length drain pan
  • Outdoor ducts on the same side
  • Suspended or platform mounting options
  • 120V single phase power

*Fresh Access™ ERV’s have a warranty that is limited to 3 years on all parts from the date of purchase, including parts replaced during this time period. If there is no proof of purchase available, the date associated with the serial number will be used for the beginning of the warranty period.

Fresh Access™

Options and Controls:

  • External three (3) position (Low/Stand By/High) rocker switch that will offer continuous ventilation
  • Optional Eco-Touch touchscreen programmable wall controller
  • Optional adapters to connect to Samsung Central Controls
Fresh Access™

Port configuration

  • The unit has access doors on the front and back. The main control panel can be moved from the front to back of the unit.
  • A preset frost control sequence is initiated if the outdoor temperature falls below the set point of 23°F (-5°C). The supply blower shuts down and the exhaust blower switches into high speed to eliminate frost build-up in the core before returning to normal operation. The sequence is repeated if the outdoor air temperature is still below set point.
  • Cores, filters, and drain pan can be accessed easily from both sides of the ERV from hinged access panels. Cores conveniently slide out, and blowers are easily removed by taking off the access panel and sliding the motor plates out of the unit. A quick connect allows for fast inspection of blowers returning to normal operation.
  • No on-site safety certifications. Products are Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified to meet Canadian and US safety standards.
Requirements and Standards
  • Complies with the UL 1812 requirements regulating the construction and installation of Heat Recovery Ventilators
  • Complies with the CSA C22.2 no. 113 Standard applicable to ventilators
  • Technical data was obtained from published results of test relating to AHRI 1060 Standards